Sunday, March 18, 2018

Arlington 2017, deep in greens

It's time to finish the bugler, go deep into greens, and finish the final 1/3 of the tapestry that has been my winter companion.

Arlington 2017, 10 epi

As always, values are key. The client wanted 3 specific elements; the caisson, the bugler and the Capitol. I combined them in my design and to pull off a sense of space. I want to make sure the values of that soldier help him blend in and recede.

Bugler between the tombstones, bugle to the right

Beyond that, I'll just be blending greens for the park as I head to the Capitol.

Start of the tree canopy for the upper right corner

Next blog on this topic will be The Cut Off, I'm just not saying when the date will be...but soon.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Sketching a Story

Many of you know by now that I'm an obsessive sketcher. I thought I'd share my latest adventure.

I headed up to Minneapolis last weekend to visit my son and his family. It was my wonderful daughter in law's birthday and birthdays deserve an entire weekend. I even got to spend some time with my good friend Traudi.

Of course it's March so it had to snow. Much silliness ensued.
Who needs photos? Try sketching a short story...much more satisfying.

Day 1, Porkchop and I drive up and I go to the movies

Day 2, a sleepover at Traudi's and a trip to the grocery store

Day 3, snow event, Porkchop and Spark have a disagreement, and we blow out candles

I look back at these pages and the entire weekend comes flooding back...all the great memories. Try it, you might think you can't but the secret is, you can.