Monday, May 18, 2015

Into the Woods

Into the Woods  10 x 10 inches

That's the name of a piece I recently had accepted into Contemporary Portraits at the Water Street Gallery in Batavia, Illinois. Roughly a two hour drive from Madison, I decided I would go to the opening. I'm glad I did.

Main Street, Batavia, Illinois

It was a lengthy enough day trip I could declare it a sketchbook day, the best way for me to see a new area. Batavia is on the Fox River, west of Chicago and has some history with windmills and Conestoga wagons, so how could it not be a good day?

The Gallery, along the Fox River

I was so proud to be in this show, the only tapestry piece among 54 superb and diverse portraits. I enjoyed looking at each piece for the hour I was there, each artist's approach gave me much food for thought.

The gallery staff did a wonderful job of hanging the show in a nifty limestone wall venue. Snacks were plentiful.

I've been in several shows that I've never's so much better to see your baby in person. Not to mention I had ice cream for dinner...caramel no less.

Ice Cream for Dinner


  1. It looks like a wonderful show Ruth and your tapestry looks right at home.
    I find tapestry and sketching compliment each other so well and it looks like you do too.

  2. I have found that to work for me also Janette, I think I like the pace of the two - one is done in a few moments, or at least a morning, the other demands a slower pace over time. And to state the obvious, the sketching helps me really look at things....

  3. Batavia is fun, isn't it? We were there, I think for some sort of quilt shop hop. And I remember visiting one of your tapestries at a wonderful gallery in Denver, many moons ago. It looks like a great show and good for you as the lone fiber lady. ;-D

  4. Thanks Deb, it was interesting, they're lucky they have saved so many of the old buildings.