Monday, September 11, 2017

Coffee Conversations

Time to update the tiny T's I keep on my website and sell via Etsy . I never tire of heading to the coffee shop a few blocks away and so I've created an ongoing series called Coffee Conversations. It brings together my two favorite pastimes - sketching and weaving.

The first part is simple; spend Saturday morning with sketching bag and coffee at the coffee shop. Saturday is pretty active there with lots of turnover and that's what I'm looking for. I usually fill 2-3 pages with an assortment of people I see and include any amusing observations that might help me remember something later.

7 x 10 inch sketchbook, ink pen and colored pencil

Once home I look at the sketches and decide which will be the most fun to weave. I want a variety of different types of people and lately I've been combining wedge weave with traditional tapestry, so I'm looking for opportunities to use that too.

didn't stray too much, but there are differences in the weaving...

Usually I draw a quick cartoon to size which I place next to me and slip under the warps when needed. I only completed 3 coffee tapestries this time as a few landscapes snuck in that warp.

4 inches wide, 10 epi

No problem, it's nearly fall and time to head back to see who I can sketch for the next round of conversations.

Coffee Conversation No. 6

Coffee Conversation No. 7

Coffee Conversation No. 8

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  1. Oh my goodness what a sweet post. I believe number 6 is my absolute favorite! You inspire me over and over again with your sweet spirit and your beautiful weaving! One day, one day I hope to take a class from you so we may meet in person! Until then I will keep following along your tapestry adventures! Have a beautiful and creative week!!!