Monday, January 15, 2018

Arlington 2017

A new tapestry has me going back to my traditional roots, leaving distortion weave behind. I'm enjoying the change and the opportunity to problem solve.

Hagen pipe loom, warped 26" wide, 10 epi

A  client contacted me with the idea of honoring her father's internment last year at Arlington Cemetery. She sent me photos she had taken and we identified three areas that seemed most important. Drawings and a watercolor followed.

photo resource, color swatches and beginning of watercolor

final sketch, half the scale

This is the perfect way for me to start the new year. It's a very proscriptive idea; I know what I need to do. The colors are a limited palette focused on grey blues and greens, most I have dyed this past summer, and the size is perfect for me, 12 x 22 inches.

What an opportunity!

My biggest challenge is naturally, the values. I need to manipulate the shades of the road, uniforms, and hearse to make the idea clear.

sunspots took over in the frigid temps when I started

Porkchop discovers a prime sunspot

And I will keep you all informed on the challenges as they arise...should be an interesting journey.

Here's where I stopped today...


  1. Congratulations Ruth. It will be a wonderful piece. She couldn't have picked a better person to weave this. :-)

  2. Thanks all, I am pleasantly surprised at how nice it is to start this year with a definite task, and one so colorful. And a subject so important to all of us - our parents.,

  3. WOW! Can't wait to see your progress.

  4. Thanks Judy, I'm nearly to the flag and so far the values are behaving themselves. Will probably post an update next weekend.