Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weave On!

Despite the endless cold (not the temperature, the one I have), deadline approaching....I weave on. Bobbins have been my constant companion this weekend.

The tapestry made the turn on the adapted Hagen loom last weekend and now I have 16 inches of the original 50 inches remaining.

"All Are Welcome", in process,  22 x 50 inches

One more figure to weave....

Can I do it? By March?

Stay tuned...


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Time to Advance

My weaving life is consumed by this commission and it's the only tapestry growing right now at my house. Easter, the deadline, is coming up fast. Today I have reached the point where I need to advance the piece.  I keep hitting my head on the Ott light.

My progress seems good and the values of the yarn are behaving themselves, so life is good at my house.

The entire project has taken over the living room, although Porkchop remains unimpressed.

Stay tuned!