Saturday, June 6, 2020

Imagine That, Landscapes

Greetings to all that still have an urge to head to blogs. I've been struggling with motivation the past few months. I know I'm not alone, many talk about monotony, lethargy, motivation. There are up and down days, but hey, I'm living a life.

water soluble marker on text

Lately I'm not around many people so I've turned to landscapes. If you know my work you are no doubt surprised as I've focused on people for most of my life. I haven't deserted people, I'm just waiting for them to enter my life once again.

10 epi, 6 inches wide from above sketch

In the meantime birds and land have been my focus. Landscape is a daunting and I'm grateful for this new challenge. I'm looking more closely at my surroundings, listening to the songs the birds are singing each morning.

inspired by the view of my neighbors yard

Many good teachers before me have said, spend more time looking than doing and that has become important in my landscape investigations.

Who knows where it will lead?