Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Those of you familiar with my work know I enjoy working in a series, most often with personal meaning.

Which brings me to a new series I've been thinking about and continue to work on titled Adaptations, inspired by problems I've had with my eyes this past year. It's been an interesting journey to say the least.

On the up side, working through problems often create good opportunities for art-making and I have completed 3 pieces in this series.

Eyes Shut: linen, wool, metallics

Eyes Shut was the first piece in the series, dealing with the initial symptoms and irritation.

Infusion: cotton, wool, plastic mesh, ribbon, metallics

Infusion was woven next, after I was receiving treatments.

Prism: cotton, wool, metallics, linen, wire screening

Prism is the third in the grouping and focused on my struggle to find adaptations that helped me do what I wanted to do.

All are mounted on 9 x 12 inch acrylic painted board.

Along with the idea concept, I wanted to work more with exposed warps, slits, and some new fibers that had different qualities than my traditional dyed wool. There were many discoveries that opened my eyes to other possibilities.

All 3 of these pieces were woven on my surprisingly sturdy old picture frame, 10epi, 4 inches wide.

I like the light from the back too but haven't figured out how to pull that off...yet.
More to come in this series.
Stay tuned.