Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Value of Friendship

Do you value your friendships?

And what better way to show the meaning of those connections than to exchange artwork. The question was, what should I weave?

There were plenty of options. Dogs (I've already painted them), Loons (she has enough), the Adirondacks....and then I remembered the wild daffodils.

This winter stretched out longer than necessary, spring struggled to break through. I remembered a conversation when she announced the blooming of the wild daffodils in the field outside her window.. My idea was planted.
It didn't take long to design. I was constrained by a 3.5 inch warp so I knew the flower would grow on the horizontal.

I used quite a bit of handspun, no doubt some of the fleece she has sent me over the years.

And of course I took pictures as I wove, she'd feel incomplete not seeing the process.

It appears to be a successful Wisconsin spring after all.....

....and thanks for your friendship Deb.

Have you made something for your friend lately?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

What is Love?

If that is the start of your design idea I empathize with you. How complicated could you possible get? This winter I received an email inviting  me to contribute to a local exhibit based on this idea. My first reaction was no.

But I like a challenge. This is a big one for me.

Artists were given a list of questions from which to choose. It was a broad template and the options were many. I wanted to weave a small face portrait, after all time is of the essence when you are talking tapestry.

I chose: What are the different expressions of love?
Expressions of love are difficult. There are those who never know what exactly they are supposed to do on any given occasion., i.e., I thought that's what she wanted and she cried...not for joy. It's a tangled web. Weavers know that.

I'm still confused, but here is the result. I even wrote a poem.

It's More Than Flowers

What do you really want?
It's so difficult to know.
Was there more you should have said?
You told me you didn't want much
I thought the flowers would be enough...
It's More Than Flowers, 6 x 12 inches

For those in Wisconsin the show is at Absolutely Art, with an opening on June 6.

Certainly a good time will be had by all - after's love.