Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Self Portraits, Continued.

So when we last met I showed you the first of what is turning out to be a summer of self-portraits. I wanted to work very informally on a sturdy 8 x 10 inch picture frame with the intention of NOT having even edges. I called the first piece Self Portrait:Eyes Shut.

Now I'm back to show you the other side. Same warp, just turned the frame over. I made no sketch, simply started with the aluminum wire and a glittery ribbon type yarn I bought at a knitting shop years ago. The weaving guided me in this design and told me what should come next. At this point the title is Self Portrait:The Line.

One interesting thing about this warp is the stiffness, although it is quite fine. I like the little bends at the top of this piece and am trying to bend some into place with the other. I'm pretty sure these warps will be exposed.

And I'll be thinking awhile about how to present them. But then thinking and playing are what my summer is about this year.

Next up, a third self portrait on this little frame a friend once sent...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Self Portrait: Eyes Shut

I'm getting more interested in unusual materials this summer, to see how they my impact the portraits I do. I've been in a bit of a rut lately.

So I put some very fine and hairy linen on my low tech tiny picture frame (aspiring tapestry weavers please do as I say, not as I do) and decided to focus on my stranded aluminum I've had a couple years. I've used it in small bits, but not much more than that.

the spool of aluminum also doubles as a great end table.

I did do a very rough sketch but left it in my journal, only as an idea, not a cartoon to follow. This idea developed from the weaving, but I stuck to the mood and the closed eyes.

4 inches wide, 10 epi

I have only a few passes to go and will keep the uneven edge at the top when I knot the warps. No turnback needed, this linen is awesomely kinky when you cut off the warp and will remain exposed.

I'm thinking the shiny aluminum is a pretty good match for my hair...

And delightfully, as it's a circular warp, there's another side.

Which means another portrait.