Sunday, February 24, 2019

Update on the Panels, Hallway Transitions

Winter has it's icy grip on Wisconsin.

I seem to have chosen a long term weaving project that mimics the colors I have seen outside for the past 3 months, neutrals or near neutrals. As March approaches I'm wondering if this is a good idea, but it may all work out as the weaving extends into July. Ice colored yarns may help with mosquito season.

back in Nov when you could still see ground, lots of color inspiration outside that day

An update on what I'm calling Panel 1/Hallway Transitions, just to organize it as I weave. This morning I reached the eye of person 2 in this group. So far I think the values are holding together.

I find I am very grateful I took the time to do those samples. They are pinned to a board and next to me as a reference, referred to daily.

More updates to follow as the seasons come and go.

these panels will be woven on the vertical, 8 1/2 " wide, 10 epi

overlapping camo shirt of person 2, lower right corner

organizing yarn selection for next person, much lighter values

where I am today, February 24