Monday, October 23, 2017

Four Selvedge Weave

For years now I have been saying, "I'll have to try that four selvedge weave"

It started with workshops Archie and Susan were giving (I couldn't go at the time), descriptions I read, Susan's elegant examples, and finally, Sara Swett's wonderful Field Guide to Needlework blog. That was the final straw. I needed to see what the deal was with this 4 selvedge mania.

Traudi and Jeanne, yes I know they are on their devices...

After whining about "never getting around to it" on a Facebook posting, leave it to my friend Traudi to get me going; our friend Jeanne Bates was heading to MN, why not drive over and we could do this together?

I had the loom (carefully following Sara's photo of the nifty little galvanized pipe loom she made) and plenty of materials, including the instructions I printed out on ATA's website.

I agreed.

look toward the loops at the right...see the uneven ones?, that will be trouble...

So here is where I am now with this process.

decided I'd do one of my simple 2 color word strips, designed it on some scrap

3 inches wide, 6epi 

my favorite triangle of 'minus 2's', the first letter of Who?

I'm so grateful to Traudi and Jeanne for getting me over there (non stop laughs with those two), but that was a very labor intensive warping session, probably 4 hours plus. Obviously I was solving problems, redoing, and developing understanding; another day I would be more efficient. But I would really question the reason I'm using this method.

I'm glad I chose to weave another of my word series, it may be a good fit. And I'm certainly glad to have a better understanding of what 4 selvedge weave really means.

Thanks Traudi.