Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Self Portraits: The Summer Ends

I realize the calendar isn't telling us that, we have at least a month...but really, when Labor Day arrives, it feels as though the seasons are changing.

And it also feels as though my exploratory series of self portraits, a surprise really, have come to a temporary end. After all, self portraits are a continuing interest of mine so certainly more will follow. For now I need to stop and think.

from the left, Eyes Shut, The Line, Prisms

I have three pieces to show for my summer efforts, the idea is based on some issues I had this summer with my eyes. Amazing how your life changes when your eyes are effected, naturally one feels compelled to make art.

The surprise of this series was the impact of the holes in the tapestries. As you may remember, if you are a regular reader, I have made no cartoons, preferring to let the tapestry language tell me where to go. The final piece in this trio, Prisms, found me exploring open warps within the piece. I'm still not clear how the effect I want will be resolved, but that's part of this process.

Most importantly I'm pushing my boundaries, heading into risky territory which is what artists need to do.

What might happen?

Stay tuned.