Sunday, June 24, 2018

It's Summer

You know it's summer in Madison, these people are back on their bikes and walking their dogs now that the weather has turned summer wonderful.
For me I've fallen into a routine of dye pots and sketching outdoors. I like the break from weaving and spend more time thinking about things instead of immersing myself in process for the winter.

My friend Nina dropped off a bag of rhubarb from her back yard. There's dye inspiration there.

that red to green transition would make some cook skin colors...

I have been fiddling around with my idea of weaving 3 strips showing students passing in the halls at a high school. It's very much a work in progress, nothing has really jelled yet.
But these things take time.

black crayon sketches from my substitute journal

trying color ideas...i'm still not sure I'll weave this

I've headed off on a few bike drawing adventures, I always find a day of sketching satisfies me.

Yes it's summer mode...wonder what I'll do tomorrow?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What's off the loom today

Well I have to admit I cut it off a couple weeks ago, but I was involved with finishing  my Arlington piece, so it feels like today, now that the ends are done.

8 inch wide warp, 10 epi

All three were done by combining wedge weave distortion with traditional tapestry technique. I'm still finding the effects of this interesting

These three portraits were done over the past nine months. Tapestry is a long haul for me. Not just the labor, but the thought. I do not like to rush, why bother?

Two of these pieces are part of my Substitute Tales, going into its last phase, Act 3 you might call it. I have a couple more pieces to weave this fall and winter but then I think the idea has come to a close.

The other is an ongoing series of pieces I do while watching  my granddaughter grow.

Now that's a series that can go on for a long time to come....