Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weaving for Friends

I know it's hard to buy some people gifts....what to do, they seem to have everything?

I'm here to encourage you to weave them a word. What could be better?

I did this very thing to take a break while completing the recent Arlington 2017 tapestry. I like to have many pans in the fire.

My Sarah Swett inspired galvanized pipe loom is perfect for my word weaving passion. I have a twelve thread warp, 10 epi, on this handy loom.

This simple Friends says it all...

A more complex piece for a complex friend, Don't Give Up....

with a sushi style container

Wouldn't you like to receive a word from a friend? Consider it, it's time well spent.
and remember to Stay Creative....

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Arlington 2017 Cut Off!

Yes  indeed, this weekend, while the freezing rain and snow was whirling around the Midwest, I cut off my tapestry, Arlington 2017. I can't describe the satisfaction when you take scissors to those warp threads. I picture medieval guilds with bottles of wine in the dark without their Ott lights astounded at their accomplishments. Mine was not nearly as big, but hey.

left side of the tapestry

This is how the piece will look once the turns are sewn in...

12 x 23 inches, 10 epi

1/2" hem woven in finer wool, knots in place across the top, ready to cut

I am pleased with the control I had over the values, letting the light guide the viewer through the gravestones toward the background of the Capitol.

Of course there's still a lot to do...

the back of the tapestry
Ends to tidy, the hems to sew, velcro tapes, but that's just a few Netflix shows of work. The thinking is done.

I'm pleased, I hope the owner will be too.

Porkchop, as always, remains unimpressed.