Monday, January 25, 2016

Tapestry Commission

It's been years and years since I've done something like this, a large (for me) tapestry commission.

"All are Welcome", watercolor painting and yarn samples

It all started with an RFP (request for proposals) from a church down the street. The space is a wall of the church office. This wall is visible through windows from the central church "gathering space". The piece will be 22 x 50 inches when completed.

Wow. If you know me,  you know I've been working on a 10" wide pipe loom for the past few years.

Tapestry begins, adapted Hagen loom

There have been lots of challenges, but hey, challenges are a good thing. Working on this piece reminds me how much I prefer working "on the horizontal", weaving the piece from the bottom up rather than side to side. Photography helps, you can take a photo, then rotate it to viewing orientation.

the man's face is about 4" top to bottom

The most difficult thing so far was weaving the man with the baseball cap. Because his head is tilted up toward the light the expression of the face is woven at an angle.

Whew! I was relieved when I finished that.

My other challenge is maintaining enthusiasm. I'm pleased with the piece but I'm used to working through many ideas and a lot of those are sitting on the back burner.

about 1/3 done at this point

I'm 3 inches from being 1/2 done. Started at Thanksgiving and needs to be done by Easter.


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Convergence 2016, Milwaukee!

Ah so many good memories I have of summers spent knee deep in fiber at HGA's Convergence conferences. I think I've been to 8 of them starting with Pittsburgh in 1976. What an eye opener!
Weavers know how to have fun.

Silliness at Convergence 2000 in Cincinnati
And now here I am (I know, a bit older) honored to be one of the teachers at Convergence 2016, a stones throw away in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I feel as though I have come full circle.
I appear to be celebrating with sketchbooks and chocolate, so you know I'm excited.

Happiness with Moleskine and Dove dark chocolate

I'll be bringing my little faces on the road for a 3 day workshop entitled Weaving Expression in Faces. I've been working on a couple of new samples to focus on horizontal vs. vertical weave as it pertains to the face. These two new tapestries are happy to join the group.

new gal woven on the horizontal

two friends at the bus stop woven on the vertical
When we do workshops with faces there are always a few beginners in the crowd, why not try it?
You might just weave a new friend.

This woman is thinking of going, how about you?

woman with pear