Monday, January 25, 2016

Tapestry Commission

It's been years and years since I've done something like this, a large (for me) tapestry commission.

"All are Welcome", watercolor painting and yarn samples

It all started with an RFP (request for proposals) from a church down the street. The space is a wall of the church office. This wall is visible through windows from the central church "gathering space". The piece will be 22 x 50 inches when completed.

Wow. If you know me,  you know I've been working on a 10" wide pipe loom for the past few years.

Tapestry begins, adapted Hagen loom

There have been lots of challenges, but hey, challenges are a good thing. Working on this piece reminds me how much I prefer working "on the horizontal", weaving the piece from the bottom up rather than side to side. Photography helps, you can take a photo, then rotate it to viewing orientation.

the man's face is about 4" top to bottom

The most difficult thing so far was weaving the man with the baseball cap. Because his head is tilted up toward the light the expression of the face is woven at an angle.

Whew! I was relieved when I finished that.

My other challenge is maintaining enthusiasm. I'm pleased with the piece but I'm used to working through many ideas and a lot of those are sitting on the back burner.

about 1/3 done at this point

I'm 3 inches from being 1/2 done. Started at Thanksgiving and needs to be done by Easter.



  1. It's going to be lovely; the colors are wonderful!

  2. Thanks Fran, these were colors I dyed this past summer on the off chance I would get the commission....and knowing of course that they would always be used sometime!

  3. It's a remarkable piece Ruth, wow!!

  4. It's a remarkable piece Ruth, wow!!

  5. Thanks, been a slow week for tapestry though (what else is new) I'm still shy of the halfway mark but it will happen this weekend.A new posting will follow shortly....

  6. Thanks Maria and I'm happy to report I will get to the half way mark this afternoon after this cup of coffee. Must be time to take a picture tomorrow....

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