Thursday, July 14, 2016

Convergence Here We Come!

Summer is flying by. I looked at the calendar last week and realized I better hunker down on some of those post-its accumulating on the Convergence list.

The 3 day workshop is Expression in Woven Faces so first I gathered my bag of skin tones to see what gaps I needed to fill.

I promise I won't wear this outfit at the workshop.

Then I headed out the The Dye Studio (that left hand corner of the garage) and spent Monday dyeing and over-dyeing, my favorite way to get those tricky variations on orange.

Porkchop remains as enthused as ever.

Watching a couple movies gave me the stamina to wind and ball up all the skeins. I think I have a good range of values to choose from.

Today I was rooting through various face samples, plenty of those, some good examples of what not to do. Naturally I got distracted and started putting things in the yard to photograph.

Only a little more than two weeks until we all meet in Milwaukee. I'm throwing out these post-its but I have a feeling more will appear shortly.