Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Workshop Samples

This is fun to look at, my entire year of workshop samples have been cut off the loom. I did go a bit crazy on the workshop circuit this year and it's a good thing I stopped at four because the loom I had warped was entirely full.

Must be the end of the year is approaching.

My cast of characters fresh from the loom

These samples are woven at the workshop and used to demonstrate a technique or design strategy. I don't plan them out beforehand because I work on these pieces as I get requests during the class. I often bring the loom back with me at night to finish a section in preparation for the following day. The loom was warped with 12/9 seine twine at 8 epi, 4 inches wide.

Yarns are usually grabbed from a table and because of that, surprising things happen.

Architecture with the Milwaukee Guild, a pleasant surprise...

Lost Art Fiber Workshop, she appears a bit wistful, missing the good old days I guess...

Illinois Prairie Weavers, this woman has some attitude problems, don't be so judgemental!
St Louis Guild, some sort of strange Candyland ....
This last sample is a good example of surprises. I was teaching a workshop based on creating a still life of desserts; cupcakes, cookies, pies and the like. After every demonstration I did, the piece continued to grow into a pastry filled sea.

A little fantasy in your life can be a good thing.