Sunday, December 18, 2016

Winter Work Begins

I realize it's not officially winter but when it's minus-land in Wisconsin you're allowed to declare it early. At least I think so.

maybe it was -5, you'll notice Porkchop is not on the end of the leash...

On the upside, lots of guilt-free indoor time for weaving and Donut Man continues to grow.

The width is about 24 inches.
As you may recall my last donut post focused on the relief I felt when the donut (apple fritter) was completed. The next challenge was moving to the background and making sure that transition from wedge weave to a more traditional use of weft yarns was working out. It was a bit nerve wracking at times.

I'm trying to add more angles with shape building and have them complement the existing wedge weave below.

Next challenge, the storefront behind Donut Man. With January fast approaching I'm betting there will be plenty more weaving time ahead and growth in the New Year.

To all my friends: Happy Holidays, be kind, and stay creative.

Tapestries wintering on the deck...WI natives are a hearty bunch.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

How to Weave a Donut

Indeed, how do you weave a donut? Especially when it's an apple fritter, the kind without the hole in the  middle.

Porkchop seems to be wondering the same thing and is no doubt thinking there are many things easier. But then again, I did title the tapestry Donut Man.

a dog who's an art critic, or perhaps just hoping for a walk

First task was research. I was compelled to head to Starbucks and obtain a model, then take a few bites of course.

I make a lot of sacrifices

Values were mighty tricky, after all this donut has glaze and the colors are similar to the skin tone of the man. I'm mighty glad he has a dark blue t-shirt on. The tips of the fingers have to be just right, showing him balancing the donut very delicately.

I'm a bit further than you see here and I think it's reading well.

Next step, the sidewalk and the cast of characters in the background. Wedge weave is giving way to the more traditional. Surprises ahead.