Monday, August 12, 2019

Summer Vacations and Sketches

The pace certainly changed this summer.

It was definitely time for recharging, something different, an opportunity to learn and just time to think.

That's always a gift.

Hence my summer trip to Vermont, sketchbook in hand. This trip had many parts to it, including taking a workshop rather than teaching one, this time the subject was figure drawing. 
The place was the wonderful Landgrove Inn, which I discovered via a search for "art workshops in VT". I highly recommend this gift I gave myself.

In between, of course there was laundry to be done...this time in Middlebury.

And visits to Smugglers Notch State Park,
Burlington Bike Path and countryside of Middlesex.

Vermont is truly a special state in our country. I'm ready to get back to the tapestry I plan to work on, the dyeing I need to do, the figure drawing I plan to continue.

And that's what vacations are for.