Friday, August 23, 2013

Welcome to my new blog, Growing a Tapestry

On this page you'll find my thoughts and questions about how art grows from the tiniest seed, to a big idea, to the finished piece. Its a path full of pitfalls, risk taking, wonderful highs and despairing lows. Yet I keep coming back, it's what sustains me.

I decided on the title while struggling with a new back yard and photographing art work simultaneously. In the end I solved more photography issues than weed ones. 

I like the way this new environment for photographing my ladies helps me discover their personalities.
Stay tuned for  more.


  1. I can tell it's going to be a wonderful blog. How do we 'follow' you?

  2. Hey thanks can tell I have a "work in progress" here that will be a great adventure....with details figured out along the way....stay tuned!

  3. Your blog will be a welcome edition to those I follow.
    cheers and all,

  4. Well thanks Kathe, I'm a compulsive talker so I might as well write...right now there's plenty of ideas growing in Madison...the challenge will be what grows in January. Better get a dream journal going....

  5. I really like how you are using nature as inspiration -- I am very excited to see your blog grow..

  6. Thanks Rebecca, stop by and help me weed out the invasive ideas anytime...