Thursday, September 19, 2013

Designing a Series

I've always been attracted to working in threes.
Choices, 14x10 inches 

It may have something to do with beginning, middle, and end or simply the need to keep weaving.

Who wants to stop at 1?

The latest newsletter from the American Tapestry Alliance asked tapestry artists who prefer to work in a series what moves them to choose that direction. As you can imagine there were a variety of answers and I found myself thinking about my own reasons.
Naturally I came up with 3.
Beyond Repair, 12x11 inches

Focus...I keep a journal recording thoughts and ideas, bit of paper scraps with pencil notes ripped, painted and glued into place. It can get overwhelming at times flipping through this book. Thinking in threes is a way for me to begin to tackle The Big Idea.

Story...I do love a story and even when one doesn't follow the Beginning/Middle/End structure, a set of three designs helps ground my idea.

Display...My work is tiny. One tiny tapestry seems lonely when displayed, three together are a happier group.

Now that I think of it, the same thing happens when planting tulip bulbs.
 Hammer in Flight, 12x12 inches
Displayed in this post is a threesome from my series entitled Choices, part of a bigger idea, entitled Story Problems.


  1. Sometimes it just takes more to finish a thought. i always seem to have one more thing to say. Nice to know I am not the only one that journals to keep track of my designs.

    1. I like your thoughts about tea towels as series (each day of the week) that you embroidered via your grandmother....reminded me of my own series of Barbie doll clothes I produced en mass....there certainly is a life long thread here Kathe...

  2. I love your piece 'choices', what size is your work its alway difficult to tell from photos.
    I'm terrible at keeping journals have lots that are about five pages done but wish I did keep at them. The journal in my head is getting a bit crowded.

    1. By the way Debbie, approach to journals is very personal and varied. Mine has busy times and quiet times. I use a black 5x7 blank book and although its chronological,its certainly not written in every day. I just keep going until its full. I don't write paragraphs. I write/draw/glue/paint whatever I want. Keep it by your busy place, who knows what might happen...

  3. Thanks so much Debbie for reminding me I had NOT put the dimensions with the titles, its very difficult to get a feel for what you're looking at otherwise...Choices is the larger piece ( 14"x10"), Beyond Repair (12"x11) and Hammer in Flight (12"x12") Those dimensions refer to the frames in this case, but it gives you a much better feel for the sizes of the actual tapestries.
    I'm off to fix those labels and hereby encourage you to nag me if I ever forget again!