Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Allure of Autumn

How do you grow the Big Idea?

Last week I drove down my street and was met with the arrival of fall. It had all the making of a good drama.

Yesterday's fog and humidity had blown away and the dried yellow leaves scraped their way down the street.

Skies were a bright blue and the tempo changed as the wind picked up one more time.

I love fall.

But how do I tackle this Big Idea, when I'm surrounded by seductive colors, an array of textures and strong values?

Where do I begin?


  1. Fall is one of my favourite seasons-too. I think for me because of the colour. There are combinations-especiallya blue red that fades to an orange red that I have been trying to duplicate for years in my weaving. It's so illusive.

  2. good point Kathe...the colors so gorgeous yet so difficult to capture. The eyes have the skill to see more than the dyepot....