Sunday, January 12, 2014

Welcome to 2014

Welcome to 2014
"Bienvenido" 3 x 16 inches

For many of us, it was a cold welcome. Design ideas had to come from peering out windows, imagining what -15 might feel like.

Some weavers begin their year with a tapestry calendar (if you haven't seen them you really need to check out Tommye Scanlin, Jan Austin, and Janette Meetze's efforts). I start my year weaving letters and revisiting my skills, free from the complications of ideas.
The act of weaving letters was introduced to  me several years ago in a workshop with Archie Brennan, a weaver I consider my mentor. My word strips can be completed in a small amount of time and often develop interesting meanings.

The first sunny day of 2014, the back yard offered more design ideas. There was another connection to Archie, a frozen leash that became a line I might "take for a walk" in my weaving. It's good to remember the special language of tapestry, the marks you can make with a warp and weft. I might need to search for more Wisconsin whites though.

Happy 2014 and Bienvenido!
Please come back and visit any time and express your thoughts, in whatever language you speak.
You are always welcome.


  1. Great letters Ruth! Thanks for mentioning my blog, I have been working away on 2014 and am just about ready to share. The studio is coming close to finish and I am planning to hang our CowGirl today!

  2. What a great way to start the new year, putting the finishing touches on the studio, the Cowgirl will surely be pleased with her new digs....and I'll be checking in to keep up on Tapestry Calendar 2014.