Thursday, January 1, 2015

Value, Word of the Year

I ran across several references during 2014 to an important artist concept, something to the effect of "value does the work, color gets all the credit". Years of art work have helped me understand the truth of those words and so I decided to choose value as my woven word of 2015 and I hope to explore it's meaning in several ways.

Value in art refers to how light or how dark something is, but it is a word rich with multiple meanings. Thank goodness for context and sometimes that doesn't even help you. Are you talking lights and darks or how much it's worth? Apparently with value, it's worth a lot.

Take the values of these wonderful little balls of yarn my friend Debbie sent me for Christmas. They've already been fun to arrange in different combinations. It almost doesn't matter what the color is if the values are the same. Of course brightness jumps in on occasion, not to mention the surface quality of the yarn.

So much to know.

Which is why I continue to think more about value each passing year.

My first woven strip of 2015 will be 2 simple neutral values, woven on the horizontal.

Stay tuned.


  1. Ruth I have that exact quote written in a sketchbook. Value, a great concept to explore and i'll be checking in on your progress. May your year have great value!

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