Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Weaving Big

The cold winds of February make me hide inside and work on art. Often I find myself trying something new and so I warped my Hagen loom a whopping 20 inches wide. I was working big.

Perhaps not big to some but I rarely venture beyond ten inches. It's been a whole new mindset in my approach to design. Instead of working 10 warps in an inch, I'm down to 6 for each inch. Few choices, bigger groups of yarns to weave with. Pieces I wove 20 years ago were done this way and after so many years of tiny t's it's interesting to think about how this change of scale can affect the shapes I make. The slits are mighty big too, check out that "r" I use as my woven signature.

Just observations and no long term switch to "big" in the works, I have too many ideas to get through for that.


  1. Yummy colors....pinks of snow in the late afternoon?

  2. Actually you'll be interested to know that part of the inspiration was our experience in 9th grade, trying to socialize us in the for pinks, I find I need more. For the moment I'm getting out the drop spindle....when the weather gets more reasonable I'll be hitting the dyepot.