Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Freedom

I realize summer solstice hasn't occurred, but when you substitute teach tonight is the equivalent of Friday night. The last day is done and possibilities abound, take it slow.

Yes indeed, the school year has ended and I have the freedom to make some choices. Most of my focus is on developing ideas for future tapestries, after all WI winters are so well suited for wood stoves and weaving. Not that I won't start my day with the usual ritual of an hour of weaving, it's just a change of focus.

So here we are, the three freedoms of summer 2015.

1. More Sketching, whenever I can. Look, observe, draw....the foundation of everything.
Noah's Ark Water Park, Middle School Field Trip

2. Women with Fruit. I have decided to do a theme-based collection of my woven lady friends based on fruit.

Step 1, buy fruit and draw it.
Step 2, eat the fruit.
Step 3, weave when the cold weather arrives.

3. Dye Yarn. Now that I have all the tools once again, yarn dyeing makes its debut shortly and colors will be hanging on the clothesline. I have some wonderful marled handspun waiting in the wings.

And yes, I need more yarn.

What is your summer freedom, what passion have you been putting off for another day?

You may not share my release from substitute duty, but let summer get hold of you and take some time. Make a sketch, read a book, stare into space.

It's fleeting, take advantage.


  1. It sounds like a lovely and productive Summer Ruth. I am hoping to do some plein air once a week or so, some life drawing and general sketching along with the daily weaving. As usual my plans are bigger than I am!

  2. Ah if only we lived closer, I bet we'd find many ways to deviate from The Plan. But then, that's the beauty of it all, enjoy and keep making those plans grand Janette.

  3. That is one thing I miss about not teaching - that delicious feeling upon waking up on that first day of Freedom! (I also miss the first day of school and new books and posters and ideas and kids!) I had a particularly difficult Second Grader one year; he just gave me fits. On the last day of school, he shook my hand and said "I'm not going to miss you this Summer", to which I replied "I won't miss you either!". ;-D
    Come to South Carolina!