Monday, September 7, 2015

Social Graces

You remember, right?

The gloves, the sketch from the tiny bit of a Martha Stewart magazine, the agonizing over the expression?

It's done, but even the finishing is not without angst. Leave it to me to get wedded to the idea of sparkle. Must be a holdover from my adventures as an elementary art teacher, I just wanted so badly to have a sparkly lavender silver background.

Only problem? It didn't work and thanks to my friend Chris I finally let go of the idea and moved on.

But I still have the tube of silver paint. You never know...............

Social Graces, 20 x 24 inches


  1. Social Graces..... I cannot believe you remembered that name! Soon as I read it I remembered too. It was a painful evening for everyone involved. Love the colors And I think the background is lovely without sparkles...

    1. Yes, quite interesting Deb, the name seems to have stayed with me, I definitely see the occasion crystal clear....guess it goes to show, the personal ideas are usually the richest....

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  3. I have long admired your work Ruth, and even purchased a piece from you some years back. I adore "Social Graces". I too was a child of the sixties, sent to "Charm School" and I remember wearing my little gloves to church every Sunday. Your tapestries stop me in my tracks every time I happen upon one either on Facebook or Pinterest. So happy I found your blog. And if you ever want to teach a workshop in Southern Calif. I would love to host it and you. I have two studio locals that you could stay at and teach from, one up in the San Bernadino Mts. and one below in Anaheim Hills. Both lovely locations.

  4. How nice to find your note, the mention of white gloves among a certain age set usually brings a few responses. Thanks for the kind words, I certainly hope our paths cross once again.