Sunday, December 6, 2015

Donut Man, Part 2

Donut Man, Coptic Style, 3.5 x 5 inches

Finally I cut the warp off one of my pipe looms. My previous post revealed how I seemed to have accumulated 6 warped looms in various degrees of completion.

I'm most excited because the warp I finished has Donut Man, Coptic Style, my new version of the previous sample I did for the Donut Man portrait. I've done more studies for this piece than anything I've ever done, but the explorations might be paying off.

Although I plan a more realistic approach, I was interested in simplifying shapes and values via a group of weavers I admire, the Copts. My aim was to keep the intensity of the eye and see if I could translate the expression. I chose three blue values because the bag of blue yarn was sitting next to me when I started.

An interesting experiment but I think its time to go back to the larger design and work on the setting. I'll keep you posted but it won't be started until fall.

All Are Welcome, 22 x 50 inches

A new loom has been warped (ok, I"m back to 6 again) and I haven't worked on a commission of this size in years, no doubt the subject of a future blog.

Happy Holidays and may you have warps waiting in anticipation for the New Year too...

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