Sunday, March 13, 2016

The End is Near

Just to refresh your memory, last November I was looking at this design and warping a loom.

watercolor proposal and yarn samples, All Are Welcome

Tonight I completed the finishing of the ends and the world looks a whole lot better to me.

Thank you Netflix, you've kept me going...

Yes indeed, 50" later, my tapestry , All Are Welcome, has been cut off the loom. Piles of yarn have been sorted and put back in their little color bags, scraps of yarn added to my sourdough basket of starter yarn, and pipes and rods put back in the basement.

Finally I can get back to my little ideas on my tiny pipe looms.

I'm certainly proud of what I've done, glad to have had the opportunity, and pleased with the values, colors, and shapes of the weaving.

But I've realized how much I missed experimenting and thinking about new ideas these past 4  months. My return to a nearly forgotten 3 inch warp was a joyous one.

This commission heads to the photographers next Monday, so we'll all get to see it then. As we all know, you've got nothing without the photo. And by the way, Porkchop remains unimpressed with the entire situation.

Moments after the exciting cut off

So stay tuned my friends.


  1. I can't wait to see the offical photograph and also to see how you've chosen to hang it - always a dilemma. Cutting off the tails must have been fun - I actually like doing that and watching the design re-appear.

    1. Just using the simple "velcro on stick" method. This piece won't be heavy on the wall, so a canvas woven tape with velcro will be sewn to the T, appropriate wooden piece with the other side of velcro attached to wall and bingo - attached. It's all easy going now! Thanks for the kind words, Photo to appear next week.

  2. I love the last photo with porkchop, he looks so happy you are done...

    1. He is indeed, any adjustment to the routine is not appreciated - definitely NOT an 'outside the box' thinker!