Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sketching Through Spain

Sketching really must be the basis for all types of art. It certainly helps me. So you won't be surprised to know my recent trip to Spain included obsessive sketching, enough to fill a book I'm happy to say. I've mentioned before I've lost interest in recording places with a camera except for a few people pics. Somehow I see more when I draw what I see.

The birthday girl was my daughter, nice to start with a celebration...

In Madrid, my home base for these past two weeks, life focused on cafe stops (my request). Sometimes the drawings were tiny objects, occasionally with odd commentary.

El Bosco, once in a lifetime amazing show

Then again there was The Prado, a gigantic challenge of a building. I focused on the lengthy line for the amazing El Bosco show ( painter Hieronymus Bosch ). I was lucky, I snagged a ticket online.

We moved to Cordoba and Granada in the south and I began to see why artists are so attracted to the landscape there. My biggest challenge was how to approach the large scene I saw before me. What was the feeling I wanted to convey in the sketch? How could I show that moment and do it quickly?

Patio de los Naranjos by the Mezquita in Cordoba
View of the Alhambra, Granada

I like to think the person pointing on the right was awestruck by my sketching but I think it was the wonders of The Alhambra that fascinated him.

Then there were the people, always my favorite subject. Flamenco dancing was especially challenging, but what a great experience.

I think I'll add some color on the sketch to the right...
A lot to think about and who knows what will come of it. The looking and observing is invaluable no matter what art medium you work in.
Tapestries to follow....

This all would not have happened without the help of my delightful daughter, rightfully given the title "Sketcher Manager" for the duration of the 2 weeks. She faithfully sought out the best sketching chair at various cafes and then waited patiently while I filled page after page....Muchas, Muchas Gracias!


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    1. High took a bit to decide, that's for sure. But then again I had a good photographer with me.

  2. wow Ruth ... your sketches are amazing! How inspiring! I see why you put down the camera my friend! So glad you had a wonderful time and had such a great experience with your daughter! I am sure your inspiration will come through in your weavings as well and I can't wait to see! Welcome home!

    1. It really did help frame my activities Donna and help me focus and see what I was looking at....the time my daughter asked " where did we eat the....", I jumped right in and said - let me check the sketchbook! And yes, the chance to spend that time with my daughter was just incredible. Back to the loom....