Sunday, October 30, 2016

All I Have are Questions

I used to have very definite ideas about the way things should be but now...all I have are questions.

I guess I should be more decisive, but then again...

It all prompted a series revolving around question marks. If you follow my adventures you may know I like to work on word strips each year, holds me accountable. A couple years ago they started showing up as questions. The H project didn't help.

all strips 10 epi, 15 warps

Then there was my obsession with dyeing complement gradations.

Just barely readable, but some questions are like that...

I used to feel bad about not making up my mind, but I don't know...those other points of view have certainly made things more interesting.

And I'm pretty sure that's what counts.

Which means you'll most likely find more questions. Here.


  1. The Mystery really is what is most interesting. And isn't the Mystery full of questions? One of my favorite high school teachers had a quote on his board that stays with me to this day many, many years later, "The bigger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder." Your work is gorgeous and inspiring.

  2. Exactly creativity flows when I question and even more , when I carve out time to explore and ask only questions, which I've felt a need to do lately. I was reading Sarah Swett's blog last week and she talked of a lack of 'elbow room' in her tapestry work that led her to the recent explorations of needlepoint. I love that quote of yours. How lucky to have a teacher like that.