Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Improv Tapestry

Improv comedy I'm familiar with, jazz improv I've heard, but now I'm convinced this piece I've nearly finished must qualify for Improv Tapestry.

First there was this.

That was a sample and a long time ago. I liked it so much I mounted it on a canvas and here it is in my living room.

Then there was this.

The working title was Donut Man and I never came up with anything better so Donut Man stays. Thanks to my friend Nancy, I decided to add wedge weave and that's where the 'improv' aspect begins.

Connie told us not to plan too rigidly, this piece has to go where it wants to and it certainly did. The whole experience was hair-raising.

And now there is this, a morning's work away from completion, perhaps Thursday.

I think I've looked at it too long. Donut Man needs to rest, I'm too tired of it to judge anymore, but I will say this:

The combination of the two styles - wedge and ....traditional? ( I call it 'normal', insert laugh) was quite the journey. Here you can see the meeting of the two.

Once the back of the warp is woven (you don't think I'll waste all that tan seine twine?) I'll cut it off and get it photographed (no garden snapshots here).

It's all a long way off, but then Donut Man deserves a rest.


  1. I like the wedge weave a lot very effective, when I am doing 'proper' tapestry weaving I like to use wedge weave and eccentric weave which maybe makes it 'improper' as the pieces don't lie flat but I like that as well.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

  2. Right Debbie....for years I stressed and fussed with edges that weren't "quite right". It's nice to know I have the ability to do that and then cast it all aside to see what happens. I'll probably be cutting it off by May once I get a few smaller pieces done and you'll certainly be informed!

  3. Wow, I've found you again. How wonderful! What fun this piece is! As usual, your pieces are full of complexity, intrigue, and unique use of technique. So great to know you are still weaving wonderful pieces. I'm taking Rebecca Mezoff's "Little Tapestry Loom" on-line class and your website was listed as a resource. After dabbling off and on with tapestry all these years, I've finally stepped into the world of tapestry exploration! Miss seeing you and the Rochester crew! www.JudyConnorJones.com

  4. Judy! how nice to hear from you and see that you're taking the tiny loom course from Rebecca - she is such a great resource and a kind teacher. I too miss our Rochester crew...more than you can imagine. Keep up the tapestry explorations and most of all, keep in touch...thanks for your interesting feedback.