Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer 2017

People will ask, quite rightly, any plans for the summer?

I can truthfully say every time, "making art, yard work, and dyeing yarn" (and I believe I speak for Porkchop when I say this).

Porkchop finds a sun spot.

The focus this year is complementary colors which is usually the case. I've zeroed in even more as I'm heading back to Siever's Fiber Arts School in August for a 4 day workshop where these amazing complements will work their magic with the landscape of Washington Island. It's a pretty special place.

first half of the red to green complements gradation

violet to yellow, one of my favorites

So jars of gradations are appearing. You know how seductive that can be. I'm trying to stay focused on the task at hand but there is the urge to gradate every possibility.

But then July 4th is around the corner and family fun ahead (sketchbook in hand of course).

Ruth on location in the dye studio (corner of the garage)

So it looks as though this summer is turning out like all the others; art making, yarn dyeing, and....oh right, all those weeds.

Look around, take notice, make a sketch and stay creative.
Enjoy your summer.

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  1. Dyeing is so much fun, it is hard to stop trying all the possibilities... What yarn do you dye for tapestry?
    I have been thinking about dyeing some cotton for a woven ikat something or other. Random ikat; nothing too picky or difficult. Ikat is just as much fun to weave as it is to dye.
    Love to the Manning tribe!