Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Arlington 2017: The Wheel

January was a good time of the year to have a project. You never knew from day to day what the temperature might be outside. You might as well stay inside and weave.

i was up early...

Arlington 2017 has made progress. One of the tricky parts I had to think about was the wheel. How would I give the impression of this circular wheel and spokes (actually there are two, but one is enough) without worrying about weaving the perfect circle. I rarely have the patience.

the very beginning...the white spots are sunspots, which I need

nothing will be perfectly circular so squares and jogs are important to move the eye...

Then there are the values, very tricky as I make my way to this area. The caisson (in my mind I call it the wagon) is black, the jackets on the soldiers are dark blue and the wheel?...I decided to go with browns. This has been a big challenge.

But so far, so good.

Stay tuned.


  1. Very intriguing! I look forward to seeing this develop.

  2. Thanks Molly, I'm just about done with the negative space and starting the very top of the wheel...slow and steady, seems to be holding together so far.