Monday, February 19, 2018

Arlington 2017, Next Step

I'm immersed in greens and it's not easy.

The wheel is finished, the caisson completed, but now it's on the stars, stripes and parkland. These colors are much more tricky than I thought, just getting them to work together.

Progress has been slow for the last week, but I think I'm getting there.

Here's where I was last we met

And here is my progress as of last Saturday. I'm quite pleased with the values of the black caisson and and the soldiers uniforms. The addition of the flag colors and especially the greens of the park has really been a struggle. I've gone back and forth with color selections, putting in and taking out.

Here you see the wheel. I'm please with the round shape. I did take out the stripe above it when I realized I had not overlapped the top of the wheel, and re-wove it....besides I wanted to darken the value of that stripe to get it in the background.

Sigh. I'm about 2 inches farther on that grassy background and I think it's beginning to work.

Good thing I'm not punching a time clock.

Stay creative....

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