Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Fun with St. Louis Weavers Guild

They treat you well in St Louis.

And I'm not just talking about my wonderful hosts who wined and dined me....the entire guild was super warm and friendly. But with weavers, that's often the case.

Sixteen weavers met for a three day workshop titled Shapes and Cupcakes and enough desserts were created to work up an appetite. We met in an amazing space with plenty of light (it rained pretty much the entire time but hey, no shoveling), these weavers were ready to create.

As I've said before, a group of weavers are powerful. Sixteen ideas, people encouraging and learning from each other, laughing, sharing ideas and information.
If you're not having fun, why bother?

We celebrated our achievements, especially the cutting off....

Sandi cuts off her desserts, with help

This support and celebration is so important. We value our work.

This group came to the workshop with a lot of weaving skill in tapestry and floor loom weaving. I was spoiled. I gave them the idea of cupcakes and other desserts to prompt them as they worked on tapestry techniques. They rose to the occasion, well beyond my expectations.

Thanks so much for your friendship, hospitality and creative work. I won't forget you.

Penny's flying cupcake with attitude...

Marggy completely sketched out her piece and pulled it off....complete with mouse, to be continued with  beads

Miriam's cupcake matches her outfit....such a cool person

A bowl of sherbet with a cookie...I'm ready for dessert, aren't you?

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