Thursday, November 14, 2019

Hallway Transition Series Panel 2

This morning I began work on the 3rd person in my second panel of the series I call Hallway Transitions.

Do you remember panel 1?

8 inches wide on the loom, 10 epi

There will be 3 panels woven to complete the work on my idea of substitute teaching in the Madison School District, an era that is coming to a close.
So I better get weaving.

What follows is progress on the second panel. I spent quite a bit of time in August dyeing yarns for this to make colors that might be read as neutrals but just a bit more lively. This second panel has more evident color sneaking back in, but that can happen in the halls of a high school.

this image shows a much yellower effect than the one below

Note that although these are all taken out on the deck you will see the colors shift in the first student. These are based on a violet/yellow combination that is quite prone to these shifts depending on the quality of light with which you are you are viewing.

leaves fell on the snow on Halloween

A bit of a chameleon effect I rather like.

Hope to get news to you again shortly on my progress. Wisconsin is cooperating by giving us an early winter, gardening is over.

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