Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wedge Weave Woman

Always  nice when you can use an alliterative title.

I had the pleasure last week to attend the Eastern Great Lakes Fiber Conference in western New York State. Connie Lippert was teaching and I finally realized I needed to get up to speed on wedge weave...what exactly is it?, why is everyone excited to learn? The workshop did not let me down.

The idea of wedge weave has no doubt emerged from a variety of cultures, Connie pulls from the Navajo tradition. Weaving in these diagonals causes a distortion on the selvages that is quite enticing. Add to that my natural inclination to turn everything into a face and suddenly I'm confronted with the idea of Wedge Weave Woman.

I'm pretty excited.

Connie is what I want in a teacher. Clear explanation of technique yet encouraging you to take this process and integrate it into what you do. Eleven people took this in eleven different directions, a few examples follow below. Most importantly we had fun. I left with a feeling of energy and a desire to weave beyond my usual hours.

Thanks Connie, I look forward to more interaction at Convergence....we'll both be there, who knows what silliness might ensue, distorted or otherwise.

For now, I'm happy weaving and will be sure to show all of you the result.

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  1. EGLFC!!! Still happening, huh? How many years ago did I go?
    Looks like a great time. Isn't being inspired about the technique and what everyone is doing what a great workshop is all about?
    Are you teaching at Convergence?