Sunday, April 16, 2017

Celebrating Faces

As we begin to look longingly toward summer I'm remembering my wonderful group of 16 weavers at HGA's Convergence in Milwaukee. What a great time we had and all those new personalities we developed! I even came up with my new friend Mariela (finished at home - after all I was supposed to be teaching...)

Mariela, 3 1/2" wide, sunning on the deck

But I want to talk about the students, what an amazing group.

This photo courtesy of my endlessly supportive daughter, Emily
In particular, Judy Smith. Judy was the student who sat in the back next to Jenny, both rather under the radar until I made my rounds to discover what she was working!

Betty Bling
Judy sent me an email with the rest of the friends on the warp a couple months ago, even a boyfriend for Betty!

Betty's Boyfriend

Need I say how proud I feel? What amazing work; personality, expression and individuality.

Judy's Son

Boy in Milwaukee

Judy's Son in Packer Gear

Thanks so much for letting me share this on the blog Judy, you are such a risk-taker.

HGA Convergence 2016, Judy on the left, Jenny on the right

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