Saturday, April 29, 2017

Substitute Stories

I'm beginning to see some results from my series Substitute Stories. These are developments from the daily sketching I've done after each substitute teaching job for the past two years (although I've done it for 6, just had to say that).

The daily practice transformed my attitude toward this job. In case anyone wonders, the job is not easy, but it does supply endless stories if you are listening.

I'll be talking  more about this in upcoming posts, but here is my first idea off the loom and some photos that show you a bit of the process. The title of this piece will most likely be "Make Me".

Original journal sketch to the left

enlarged with black crayon as a guide

on the loom, 6" wide, 10 epi

very much improvisation, not directly from the sketch

off the loom, waiting for finishing

This young woman is finishing 7th grade and she is no pushover. I'm not worried about her path in life.
Stay tuned as the stories develop.


  1. I am amazed how much detail you get in on such small pieces

  2. I really like the fact that this blotchy dyed bamboo/silk yarn I bought combined with the navy in her pants looks like the distressed jeans that crowd wears....I really get into those details, a bit too much at times!

  3. Thanks Lynn, I have a chance to weave a bit on my next one (entitled "NO") as I'm back from school early . You can imagine that will be interesting!