Sunday, May 14, 2017

More Substitute Stories

The next student is done, the final begun. For this warp at any rate.

Substitute Tales continues.

crayon sketch from journal entry

The working title for this one is simply, "NO". I was most entranced by her rubber rain boots, which, for those of you out of trends in elementary school, are quite trendy.

pearl cotton on the boots, most of these boots have flowers

This friend has a habit of meltdowns.

6 inches wide, and you can see the next one started

But then, don't we all wish we could hide in a corner sometimes?


  1. Wedge weave as background to your imagery-- the whole piece is fabulous!

  2. Thanks Merna, given the poor girl's tizzy that day all those diagonals seemed appropriate. Each piece helps me grow a bit on how to merge the two techniques.

  3. How I love reading your weaving adventures, you inspire me to take the next level in my weaving! Have a beautiful and creative week Ruth!

  4. Thanks Donna, you certainly have enough interesting and wonderful people surrounding you, perhaps they'll turn up in weavings some stay creative too!