Thursday, December 7, 2017

Substitute Tales at the Ballweg Gallery

I wanted to show you how the show I recently hung at the Ballweg Gallery looked, so I brought my camera with me today. This gallery is part of the very active Goodman Community Center located on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin. The calendar of events today was impressive and ranged from Christmas parties to preschool to after school programs.

Here is what the hall looks like, located right off the main entrance.

people pass this area on the way to event rooms

I was especially happy with the effect of mixing the various media together in the show; journal, sketches, and tapestries.

one section of the wall

A few closeups for you...

on the left is the shadow box with my journal

these 3 are 6x6 inches and I made the proud

sketches from the journal, 8 x 10 inches

i framed 4 of the sketches

and 6 of the tapestries were mounted on painted canvas

It's quite gratifying to see it hung up and organized and inspires me to add to it in 2018.

I needed a new goal.

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