Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Red Stripe

Happy Winter Solstice....and a Happy New Year .

To all.

It's been a tricky year, struggles and stress, but yet there is still so much to be grateful for...

6 inches wide, 10 epi

This tapestry I finished in the fall sums it up for me. A young person determined and hopeful. Creative and ready to face what lies ahead. I call it The Red Stripe.

multiple pieces worked on the loom

Young people inspire me to move forward, to trust in their ideas, to care about their decisions.

Happy New Year to all, stay creative and be kind.


  1. This is so wonderful Ruth. I love your people and your hope.

    1. Thanks Rebecca... Moving forward is the only way to go. I have great faith in young people.
      Happy 2018, and I promise I'm working on our coffee date.

  2. This is spectacular, Ruth. I too am taking hope in the next generation. Thanks for sharing your work.

  3. so inspiring, Ruth. am going to fetch my tapestry loom.

  4. Please do Belinda...I can't think of a better way to start the new year. In fact that reminds me I need to think of my yearly woven word...hmmmm